About Us

This website is a personal and private site that is not affiliated or connected to any organization; business, non-profit or governmental agency. This site is maintained for the purpose to:

  1. Find Masumi and return her to Sado Island, Japan.
  2. Find the truth about what happened to Masumi Watanabe on April 12, 2007 on Pupukea Road and the subsequent events that followed.
  3. Prevent similiar tragedies from happening in Hawaii again.

Contact Us at email: help@findmasumi.org

Press Release to Announce findMasumi.org Website

The release of the findMasumi.org Website today, October 10, 2007, marks a new phase in the search for Masumi Watanabe, the 21 years old, young woman from Japan who was fatally abducted in Pupukea this April.

It has been over 6 months since Masumi disappeared and her body has still not been found, despite hundreds of hours of search by the Honolulu Police Department, other governmental departments, volunteer hiking clubs and numerous individuals.

This tragedy is not about a Japanese visitor gone missing, far from it. This tragedy is about a young woman, in daylight; abducted, killed and her body vanishes from a peaceful neighborhood street on this island. This should be of great concern to anyone who calls Hawai'i home.

The blessing and approval to go ahead with this Website was given because Masumi's mom, Fumiko, does not want anyone in Hawai'i to have to go through what they are going through ever again.

The purpose of this Website is to produce the one tip that will lead to Masumi's body recovery so she can return home to Sado Island, Niigata, Japan.

To help produce this needed tip, the website offers an up to date status of the search for Masumi, a timeline of events in her disappearance, an easy to print Masumi flyer download, ways on how to help Masumi and a chance to meet island girl Masumi.

Two special sections were added, the condolence album and prayer book. These sections were specifically made for viewers to personally express their feelings to Masumi, her parents, Hideichi and Fumiko Watanabe, and family.

Masumi's parents are extremely gratefully and appreciative to all those who have searched and continue to search for their precious daughter.

Masumi's parents do not live here, nor do they speak the English language. They do not have relatives, friends or the community base needed to sustain a prolonged search to find her. They desperately need your help and prayers.

The race to find Masumi is a marathon rather than a sprint. We are prepared for the long run and believe Masumi will be found. We plead to the people of this great state, Hawaii, to help speed up Masumi’s body recovery and return her home to her loving family.

We beg anyone with information about Masumi to come forward and to contact the Honolulu Crimestoppers directly at tel. #955-8300 . The office of the Honolulu Crimestoppers is waiting for your call.

Bob Iinuma
Masumi's Friend