On Masumi Watanabe:

"She's very shy but she seemed very happy when she met people, she was very gracious."
- Lesly Cameron, Friend of Masumi in Pupukea
"Although she didn't speak much English, she volunteered her time at the Sunset Beach Elementary School by helping out with the younger students and straightening the books in the library."
- Hideichi Watanabe, father of Masumi
"She loved Hawaii'i and her time here so much, that she returned again in February."
- Hideichi Watanabe, father of Masumi, commenting on his daughter's first visit to Hawaii in September 2006.
"She couldn't harm a fly if she had to."
- Tom Rodewald, Pupukea neighbor
"It really touched my heart, it made her more of a person."
- Jessica Rich, President of The Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii, commenting of Masumi's sketchbook.
- ジェシカ・リッチ, The Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii 取締代表、ますみさんのスケッチブックについて

On Finding Masumi Watanabe:

"A lot of people come from Japan to Hawaii every year. It's a very famous place. We want to know the truth, what happened to her."
- Hiro Akihiro, Internationally known Tokyo Broadcast Station Reporter
"We feel that Ms. Watanabe has been murdered. No family should be put through this. We're still looking for her. It's not over yet."
- Boise Correa, Honolulu Police Chief
"We're searching and praying and hoping we can find Masumi and bring her home."
- Phil Camero, HPD Homicide Detective, May 2, 2007
“Hopefully it can jog people's memory whatever they can do to help this family and show that we have the spirit of aloha."
- Councilmember Donovan Dela Cruz, commenting on the release of this website.
“There wasn't a body to show there was a death and that's hard for the parents too."
- Councilmember Ann Kobaysashi

On the Arrest in the Murder of Masumi Watanabe:

"The fact that a murderer may successfully dispose of the body of a victim does not entitle him to avoid prosecution."
- Peter Carlisle, Prosecuting Attorney
"Murder by commission is caused by intentionally or knowingly causing the death of Masumi Watanabe, and murder by omission is caused by omitting to perform a duty imposed by law by knowing Masumi Watanabe was suffering from serious physical harm and intentionally or knowingly failing to obtain or attempting to obtain aid from law enforcement or medical personnel."
- Peter Carlisle, Prosecuting Attorney, explaining the charge of murder by commission and murder by omission.

On the Memorial Service for Masumi Watanabe:

"Let me make it clear — this is a celebration."
- Kahu Curt Kekuna, Kawaiaha'o Church Senior Pastor, opening of memorial service for Masumi
"Your daughter will long be remembered as a bright, joyful person who lived life to its fullest in all her endeavors. You should be most proud of her."
- Daniel K. Inouye, U.S. Senator, condolence to Mr. & Mrs. Watanabe
"It's heartbreaking because this girl was raised in the safest of environments. She came over here because it's a safe place, and then this rogue incident occurred. The only word that describes it is tragedy."
"I'm glad that the family came back. It's hard for me to get it out of my mind how tragic this whole situation is. But this was a good thing."
- Peter Carlisle, Prosecuting Attorney
"We wish we could have done many things with her in Hawaii. However, today we meet with warm and thoughtful people in Hawaii like Rev. Kukuna and everyone here, surrounded by the beautiful flowers of Hawaii. I am certain Masumi rests in peace with God now."
- Hideichi Watanabe, Masumi's father
"This memorial service is a way for us to continue the healing process."
- Mufi Hannemann, Honolulu Mayor
"I've followed the trial and read about Masumi in the paper. I wanted to come show my sympathy and support for the family."
- John Samang, Kapolei resident
"It just a terrible thing to happen. I'm a parent myself, and to have a child disappear like that — it's just awful. And we have to show our aloha to the family, to let them know that we care here in this community."
- Hilkka Easterwood, Kaka'ako resident

After Guilty Verdict:

"I would like to know where he left my daughter. When the verdict was announced, we were in the airplane on our way home to Sado without Masumi's body. Upon arrival at the airport with word of the news, we could not stop our tears from flowing.
"Although I lost a very valuable daughter, through this loss, beauty and kindness has surfaced and our family has a debt of gratitude to the people of Hawai'i."

- Hideichi Watanabe, Masumi's father
"We are pleased with the jury's verdict and believe that justice has been served. We also hope that this conviction brings some measure of closure for the Watanabe family. I would like to thank everyone in HPD and the prosecutor's office who worked to obtain justice for this young, innocent woman."
- Boise Correa, Honolulu Police Chief
"I hope that this brings comfort and closure to the family. The Watanabe's have shown remarkable dignity and have been extremely helpful and have persevered through this long and arduous process."
- Peter Carlisle, Prosecuting Attorney
"The jurors reasoned and served justice. One less murderer off the streets! May Masumi Watanabe rest in peace now. Kudos to HPD, detectives, the technicians, medical examiner and staff, specialists, investigators, Prosecutors and staff, witnesses, the men and women jurors, the courts, the judge, the people of Hawaii and world seeking justice...so many tilting the scale for truth!"
- REAL, commentor on StarBulletin Forum
"Based on the facts given throughout this trial, the cold, calculating, deliberate conduct in the commission of the murder of Miss Watanabe raises serious issues: dangerousness to our community and a serious flight risk."
- Judge Karl Sakamoto, granting Prosecutor Carlisle's request for 'Matt Ford' to be held without bail pending sentencing.